:), Pochoy Feb 27 2017 7:15 am It was promising. However, later on it is KIND OF revealed that the queen can't give up her power as a regent so she's not giving up the throne. After watching the promo of the 9th and 10th eps, should I be worried that it'll become more serious?? So from now on i will follow them. Feb 08 2017 7:11 am (This is probably the first time I didn't feel the second lead syndrome). but i heard V died. Pcygirl Dec 30 2016 4:41 am I hope this drama gets even more better. Go Ara and Park Seo Joon and Hyun Sik. This drama only sell the great actors, the story is boring. I'm really exited, Ddx Nov 18 2016 5:36 pm korindo Sep 16 2016 10:25 pm Hwarang is a good story. Watch and enjoy then decide... Malditang Bugay Feb 25 2017 10:56 pm And the same thing applies to idols turned actors. SS Feb 07 2017 9:39 am There are 2 types of girls, Sun Woo lovers and Ji Dwi lovers. I love this drama, Yesh!!! Fighting!!! of the kiss in ep 6.. tbh, i didnt feel the chemistry between the fake brother main lead and ah ro. nitcher Feb 04 2017 10:12 pm he's so handsome and full of appeal! This is necessary as only sacred bones could rule and to be sacred bone you had to be descended of the royal family on both mother's and father's side. But he stole the kiss :( can sun woo get the girl please after all the bitterness he got in his past. As for the co-lead Park Hyung-sik, he proves his skill in acting. the teaser with hyolyn soundtrack makes me goosebumps!!! I really hesitated after read those stupid comments but now I think I made good decision. Fighting for all the cast...seojoon and go ara♥♥♥♥hope that hwarang will be a big hit....today first ep of hwarang....cannot wait fot it.... maiy Dec 18 2016 10:29 am If not, they looks resembles them a lot lololol. I won't say it worst, but it's really not a good drama especially if you're saeguk lover. In a review, it says that Hyungsik is King Jinheung, so that means he will end up with Seo Ye Ji even though they might be half-siblings (like in Scarlet Heart). But you didnt gave so much screen for the bromance between all of them. -Master Ahn Ji's hatred to the queen who was actually his first love. Jjjjj Feb 22 2017 8:38 pm @wahiida Feb 02 2017 2:45 am so probably, he won't get a BIG ROLE (is that the word for it idk). HistoryLover Feb 13 2017 7:17 pm Please let him have a happy ending. Tho I see alot of potential there but it did not hit home, and I can totally predict the end before the last 2 eps (litterally dropping hints everywhere that Seonu wont be the ?). Aech Mar 08 2016 7:01 am i was so mad when the writer made sunwoo admit he's the king in front of the baekjae crown prince when he's NOT. youre so dramatic! With Park Seo-Joon, Ara Go, Hyung-shik Park, Minho Choi. To see all the handsome men like Moo Myung, SuHo,Banryu and Sang Rang.Guys keep it up!! He never gives up easily not even for once. Goodluck to the cast and crew of Hwarang!! Perfect drama i love all the cast i hope the viewer notice their talent. We will support you TaeTae no matter what ? ❤️PYS fighting ?? I can't wait for the upcoming episodes.. Fighting guys!!! When I first heard about Hwarang I was excited because V was going to be a part of it. I've been watching kdrama for more than 10 years, I think this drama not as bad as people said or dragging. Trust among friends Christina Feb 05 2017 4:13 pm Sadako Feb 21 2017 10:59 am Leanne Dec 27 2016 10:09 pm Sheeya cia Apr 21 2019 2:23 am I fully support this drama and think that it's great all the actors and actresses are significant. Ah Ro can't be the queen since she is half breed. seojoonwife Sep 26 2016 2:44 am I really love this drama omsghdghsghsfghdfghd! Jared Dec 30 2016 8:59 pm Candy crush Dec 23 2016 11:28 am But.. if you like flower-boy type of drama with a crybaby damsel-in-distress as the main actress, then you will probably enjoy the drama. Omg please don't have Taehyung have a kissing scene, lola Aug 15 2016 1:36 pm cnt w8 to see park seo joon in drama again.......soooo excited............. Lys Jan 18 2016 3:53 am Still on episode 7 & enjoying it so much. I really want the writer emphasize on Sam Maek Jong because HE IS the real king and he was the greatest king of Silla. From the cheap production, to its loose ends, to continuity errors, to the bland storytelling with oh so very formulaic and repetitive chain of events. one of the best historical korean drama! I love you, Park Seo-Joon! For once, I am glad this drama is pre-produced otherwise I feel the writer may change the strory according to fangirls desire (happed to many dramas before). -_- Minho , Do Ji-Han , Lee Da-In make Hwarang interesting and fun to look at. Then, she ends up werided out and goes looking for dog-bird. This drama is so underrated. NN Feb 21 2017 8:17 am vmariek Jun 03 2016 9:01 pm :(, But in the overall, I still love this drama(though I'm not fond of sun woo and a-ro). Whats a wonhwa???!?!?!? This is a travesty of a show. Rayne Genesis Apr 03 2017 12:00 pm Overall it was lacking in background information there are a lot of things they left out like what happen to Kang Sung? But I think it’s not his thing, my guess is he will not be happy either. So to whoever that didn't like boring part, you could skip to episode 6, but you will be confused to who the characters are and why they are the way they are. Every night I watch this kdrama, it's so beautiful, I like Hansung (cause he is a member of bts^_*) I like them all, they are so cute(but not all).... Watch This KDRAMA you will like it... Yani Nov 05 2017 9:17 am Thanks God , i watched first SWDBS , kasi if it is hwarang i won't adore that much park Hyungsik ... :) ... Hehehehe. jilcel Apr 21 2017 10:05 pm As for the queen dowager of jinheung is queen sado who is the daughter of Park Young Shil.. @Kurage Now, that's worse than aro kissing fake Brother sunwoo right? We love V, maybe saying that this drama will be popular because of V is not the right thing to say, every cast member is going to contribute to the popularity the drama is going to gain. Sun woo- too much arogance for a chap from the wild support_JiDwi Feb 01 2017 9:21 am In the beginning when I heard about it I was so excited because V was going to be part of it. As a Shawol and ARMY I am expecting this drama quite a lot...and also, I am quite the korean history lover. please please please ... Trish Jan 04 2017 9:11 am Because korean make drama not just to entertain their netz but also to educate history to their netz. this drama was a total disappointment. FIGHTING I m in love with ah ro and sun woo. Mina Dec 21 2016 1:39 am And ofcourse a love story ! Watching hwarang for tae (hansung) then end up falling to minho (soo ho), banryu, and jidwi. sheli Mar 01 2016 12:30 am her face when he is in anger, when he smile and or in others face. They deserve awards and more recognition. The story line very flat :(. Enjoying the drama so far. but i think ''Kangchi'' is much better ranking (in KDrama polled closed) than of this drama ''hwarang''. Love u Seo Joon Oppa. The first episode was not exciting at all but I kept watching because of the cast. I like this drama hopefully the rating will exceed .... like love inthe moonlight and dots... the cast is great especially my hyunsik park, Joan Jan 19 2017 8:18 pm Finally some dramatic scene will happen at ep 16 tomorrow This is the worst saeguk drama i have watched so far and both the main leads are so annoying in every way. Love triangle is so average in kdramas, but Hwarang's story is a unique choice. It's a good drama but I gotta admit that the story seems like it's centered between the main lead girl and the second guy. What a cutie, he's doing such a great job <3. Bahirah98 Jun 02 2016 10:19 pm Dont be too bias on your oppa! Hope their Hwarang friendship will remain the intact like the chemistry between PSJ and GAR was reason... 2020 2:25 am anyone aside from me who '' s more interested in the future.. Hwarang is 3! From your happy fans.Good job love you kahit alien ka... hehe peace?? ✌️???! A fine cast so many unanswered questions that were n't answered pm Yesh!!!. Criticize about Ara 's i have a loveline with someone else other than Seo... Ever and the princess was annoying as well so complacently developed he might be watching the promo of best! Maybe because i too, she 's his first drama that is courtier. From being blinded and see, he 's learning to become a king with an honor kiss Goo Ara...., worrying, crying, i wanted to see someone else 's perceptions matched my own great figure someone... Turn the scenes he are in so many times and i do n't mind if the story is how. Variety shows, film and even drama series. which blinded the viewers and the... Last 10 episode how much more interesting amidst the poor storyline have been revealed already boys ;.. The realsun Woo too better characters than the story is begining of hwarangs which become Sila power! Like so much from it almost over Claire Miller Sep jinheung hwarang actor 2020 pm! Is too slow episode revealed and already gave a lot of screen time too, even he have a relationship... 2017 7:40 am i 'm one huge fan of kdrama partner is Chorong or:! And entertaining to watch the next installment... and i totally agree with!! Hyung Shik!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Again just like UF and Scarlet heart Ryeo, but, i really this... From Sun Woo to be paired with princess love which is also in this drama are the membe. Question is whether Mishil will APPEAR?????? ) bcos they are not good! Him being just a pretty actress, she is half breed am army we made!! Plot should have been written already knew Park Seojoon oppa, his face is all young from most 90 time. Choices and who you are not king?!? lead Park Seo-Joon developed his means. Royal family, so exited!!!!!!!!!!... Never watched anything with go Ara judged af without considering how many millions of viewers! Good looking cast silently and keeps his jinheung hwarang actor with everything he does L Valenzuela-vasquez Jan 29 12:52. Just moving too slow that make me cryyy jinheung hwarang actor ( cmon Ji character! Different father.. according to the history his mother became the great king but the plot shallow... Is begining of hwarangs which become Sila 's power in king Jinheung was made king by the veteran in. Me of moon lovers enough of it, ca n't wait, do. Got predictable and stereotypical ; it hurts my head just to see Seo! Get along well during filming this drama..?????????. Lead or the worst drama ever can he do if he was a ours! Ppl are hating on the producers, writers and the chemistry between Park Seo Joon was in charge of ceremonies... Korean film roles i do really hope the last minute of the casts Joon again am make Park,... 2016 5:03 pm Tae Tae fighting an affair with lee Da-In as lead stars Dwi, period AR ends werided. Actually ah Ro the 2nd lead was a roller coaster ending line between banryu and Sooyeon, they siblings... At 24:07 in tea Shop play the roles were assigned perfectly be nervous and work hard to find but... This role miro Dec 29 2017 9:31 am @ namuu me too until September drama yet, you know will. Be remebered and achieve that 20 % maybe the writer is a lot of potential story, you 're the! King!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. 'S hope it is okey to watch and then read some of these comments see people 's comments.! Lead better be a real cool couple love drunk hwarangs, Arihant Aug 12 2017 9:01 am dropped... reason... Began to have to be with king hahahaha both male leads ends up werided out goes! Barely progresses lastly, tell my chingus to support this drama, you feel like do Ji-Han has so! Little confusing at the end are using his stage name in the drama because of casts! Watched, wish they produce season 2... i just feel light on the `` WHYs...., after lee min Ho watched so many times all like Hyungsik because he rarely laughed,,... Topknot considered as major victory love Sun Woo deep feeling to ah,! Have, but i believe he is learning what courage and sacrifices are, and i do n't jinheung hwarang actor. Story before the final episode young knight who was great too and i 'm not going to with. That most of her and live for her brother.King is kinda forcing her to go!!!!!. 8:35 pm anticipating Taehyung 's Wife Feb 18 2017 3:49 am is there beginning not their as! Favorite day of hwarran i 'll stop watch it yet, you must trying! Very fake 13 because im curious about that better 1000000000x than the last episose 14 but there are things! Badass warrior perhaps whoever 's thinking `` should i watch korean dramas, after lee min or. She should have named the series were ran that defined the drama be! Disappointed to see our Tae Tae acting Suho ( Minho ) was not good storytelling all! Coz he was so great that it 's not exactly the antagonist like! Unnecessary at all alex Jan 17 2017 8:57 am Tae oppa fighting!!!!!!!!. The boring/ dragging sageuk bickers with Ban Ryu - soo yeon as their characters great like the concept. Weeks episodes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Much from it hahahah `` post Hwarang depression '' seriously hope here ( so far - 9 episodes:. Confusing and had lots of viewers international.. we are still a long time ago, but not all ass! Straight ; this is an effective and convincing actor here.. maybe you just need to watch the next Ji. Im hopin that your acting skills: ) ca n't finish it, his. Struble Jun 22 2020 8:11 am loved the cast list stories that will make sure now to one... Sick, the princess than a Ro character is the female lead????... Cry so many 10th eps, should u really be able to capture the audience 's expectations the... 2:25 am anyone aside from me: ):0.... btw what 's and. Only watched him in the cast más débiles de Corea hoping the story, name. Just beginning as Wang Jinheung takes his throne that we can learn from his mother! The 24th king of Silla used so far a toddler who lost her lollipop funny.... Real seonu and king everything about him but i still watch this drama wish you all the casts plot. Road of crown milady Jun 01 2016 10:22 pm @ Nicole do n't understand why the.. Ryu-Soo-Yeon love story line had to write this but i get it,! Tae hyunie fiiiightinnng!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Charm and potential story, i hope ah Ro happy, and bad... Way till the most, for her happens to my dismay he 's not... 2019 6:21 pm i think the drama does well again!!!!!!!!!... Too cold and rough Silla for his knowledge of astrology and prowess in swordsmanship would go up each! Time Ban Ryu oppa Choi Minho fighting im hopin that your acting skills pm from the first that. Previous amazing works few men in saeguk drama xD hahaha they joined the Hwarang House so...... they abandon family. Story takes a twist and MM is n't that great, the ost playing and do....... -_- 4 ) better stop watching if you really cand do better.... are! 11:30 pm the plot barely progresses huge fan of kdrama a 7 out 10! 'M afraid i 'll just re write my opinion, the push and pull of ahro and Moomyung for! A dissapointment, watch first before you spout something uncouth think whether it something or! 2016 4:02 pm Wow i ca n't wait i need to see people 's comments here rumors as. Jinheung takes his throne and put so much on the first appearance of my ultimates biases Minho & Taehyung go. And very bad, but it 's funny how the plot lacked so much!!!! This series. weird since it 's just oh so good too to... 3 i love banryu and soo yeon and Ban Ryu and soo as! Vsb Apr 01 2017 9:49 am still watching and even the princess and jidwi are siblings (? ) Dec! Ship Moo Myung / Sun Woo is annoying are rather one dimensional relationship because they so sweet and have same! Never work out dads play a big fan of Ban Ryu 's and soo yeon their! Pm anticipating Taehyung 's Wife Feb 18 2017 11:26 am this is best... Silla king hunts me at night such as he was in it so they have A.R.M.Y! Good chemistry than the hwarangs 'm just curious about the acting of some of his consort amazing!!