Carole, Details. Usual work activities performed by a Jewelry Store Manager include supervising and training employees, recruiting new staff, solving customer complaints, budgeting, maintaining inventories, updating records, and implementing sales and marketing campaigns. Enjoy the Jewelry Descriptions! On either side of the Topaz are 2 rows of channel set Diamonds, 4 in each row, totaling .10 Carats TDW. Some, however, are taken. You’re going to love it! Those normally contain enough information to sell your merchandise. var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; Stick with high-level information: Some of the information in your company description will be included in other sections of your business plan. You won’t be able to stop staring at it! Should You Use Inches or Metrics in Your Jewelry Listings? They are intended to reach the minds of potential investors and other business prospects. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; Within a jewelry store, business or department, administrative assistants are responsible for handling the daily goings on of designers, artists and jewelry stores. :p, I’ve always really liked this Etsy shop for the boldness of how the “story” is incorporated in the descriptions: (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Writing a good Jewelry Description is not as easy as it sounds. The Center stone is a Genuine Blue Sapphire, Bezel-Set, (Greatly protected!) Someone who wanted, for instance, classic and traditional wedding jewelry with the “Grandma’s pearls” look would be attracted to jewelry that was accurately described this way. You can’t go wrong buying this as a gift. What Style Would You Call This Jewelry? I also comment on my fellow bloggers designs and try to be creative with my words, but I come up short, I will keep trying. However, I do know that descriptions written only with keyword prominence in mind tend to feel cold to me — hence the series! Lets a lot of Light in!) Also contains a form-fitted Wedding Band that hugs the contours of the Ring with a Perfect Fit! Appraisals should give you the Quality of the Diamonds like Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat Weight. 3. For JEWELLERY STORES, no less. Dollar Shave Club Dollar Shave Club makes and delivers everything you need to look, feel, and shave like a million bucks— without paying it. So here we go… Ten Pieces of Jewelry, Ten Examples and their Ten Pictures. 1) Featuring one Ladies stunning Ruby and Diamond Ring. What is SI Clarity? She specializes in reusing vintage components in stylish one-of-a-kind designs. This ring is a showpiece! The formula: Paragraph 1 - Intro. PDF; Size: 96 KB. The Ring is 14kt Yellow Gold with an enclosed Solid-Back. If you’re going to sell it, chances are, you’re going to sell it there first! I have just added a another resolution to my list for 2011. (A must buy!) * Clever jewelry making ideas: (function(d, s, id) { (So you won’t lose it!) Barbara, I like the strategy of imagining yourself as the customer! The Mounting is Heavy and weighs 6.5 Grams. The Diamond Color is H-I Color. Push the great assets of your item and make sure to talk up the Beauty and Sparkle! The Ruby is in mint condition with no chips or breaks in the girdle. Fantastic descriptions. DIAMOND PRICES 1/2 Carat Diamond Prices By reading the Descriptions and looking at the rings and items, you’ll get a much better feel for making a Good Description. GIA VS IGI The Clasp that alters as a Pendant, is a 14kt Yellow Gold Pearl Clasp, shaped as a Shell, containing 9 Single Cut Diamonds, totaling .20 CTW. Etsy requires you to place keywords into your Title, Description, and Tags in order for your item to be found in search. (One Half Carat!) Blue Nile is the largest and most well known respected diamond dealer online. I am so paranoid when it comes to describing jewelry, therefore I simply write what the jewelry is made of. amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "jewelry-secrets-20"; How timely! Follow our simple guide to create your own small business description in less than 20 minutes. Small Business Owner Job Description Example. Include these always as long as they’re meant to be customer-facing. James Allen Review What awesome comments on this one! Princess Cut Ideal Proportions Your idea of removing the description from the real-world toughness is so well-phrased. Complementary assets appear alongside it in the form of star ratings, author thumbnail, site links, and other rich schema, or mark up. In the bigger picture, your product description is where you tell the story that your photos can’t. From a western perspective, the term is restricted to durable ornaments, excluding flowers for example. In 2002 for instance; the U.S. Census recognized that 28,625 jewelry business establishments existed, and that approximately 149,000 people was gainfully employed. My simplest, most profitable strategies for selling jewelry. Quality like this is rare. Channel set in the Mounting are 2 V-Shaped rows of Diamonds. Business; Productivity; SEO; Trends; Blogging; Online store 6 minute read. amzn_assoc_default_search_phrase = "Gold Wheat Necklace Chains"; amzn_assoc_default_category = "All"; I’m not suggesting that you build up the item better than it is, just be honest and open. Industry Overview. The Ruby is 2.00 Carats with MI Clarity (Medium Included) and Strong Vibrant Hues of Deep Rich Red Tones. Great Stone, goes with everything! amzn_assoc_linkid = "4aebcb0640975273ad9ecd7a6d587f56"; This can include communication with customers, artists and jewelers about products and shipments via telephones, e-mail or in person. Take a peek at our sample business plans for custom jewelry and diamond retailers to help get your business up and running. Containing One Marquise shaped Diamond, .73 Carats, with a Stunning Clarity of VVS! Typical work activities listed on a Jewelry Designer resume example are consulting with commissioning clients, producing and sketching ideas, often using CAD software, and getting involved in the actual making activities (mounting, casting, stamping, chasing, soldering and … One major component that makes Patagonia’s product descriptions so compelling is that they’re not afraid to speak in outdoor industry jargon.. Here are the 250 greatest jewelry business names of all-time. Says at the top: Me; Richard Scott, we have hundreds of pieces of jewelry each one unique, one-of-a-kind. What Style Would You Call This Kind of Jewelry? Business Description Examples for Directory Listing. These examples of Jewelry Descriptions should give you ideas on How to Write descriptive ads that Sell! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. But when I caught myself writing that phrase a couple months ago, I winced to realize that I was mostly filling space. * New free jewelry tutorials, Steve plans to hire a … After the list of names, I unveil the 8 Vital Do’s and Don’ts of Naming a Jewelry Business, which is followed by the Greatest Jewelry Business … amzn_assoc_asins = "B007Q2M17K,B009CDDJFY,B07C15P2F7,B07T75R2ZS,B07H8D23L6,B00IMV2TC6,B01EYEBS4O,B00EEHECZO"; James Allen is a leader in diamonds. Ring weight is 5.6 Grams! Their prices, selection, lifetime warranty, 24/7 customer support and hassle free returns are unbeatable. This post contains affiliate links. After writing several descriptions, you’ve come up with: a) "Geek Chic offers handmade jewellery that shows your love of your favourite books, movies and comics. FREE – 7 Super Jewelry Making Hacks – plus the Jewelry Making Journal Newsletter – all for FREE. Thanks. Ann’s Office Hut is located in Boston, Massachusetts and will begin operations in February. Try the Club today. Jewelry Designer Kate Spade Resume Examples & Samples Responsible for upholding design integrity, quality execution and creativity throughout the entire creative and production process Work closely with internal partners to ensure successful commercialization of product and … yes, jewellery description is an important one in a particular business. amzn_assoc_title = "Rose Gold Wheat Chains"; amzn_assoc_search_bar = "true"; Replacement Value is $2495.00, 10) One Lovely Ladies 14kt Yellow Gold Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring. (Don’t forget Father’s Day!) amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; I tend to use the generic, vague words! The jewelry store industry in the united states has experienced tremendous growth jumping from 6% in sales to 10.7%. Contemporary Ti Design has a wide range of jewelry offerings, from pendants, to pins, to earnings. Replacement Value is $695.00. Say for example, you have a Ruby Ring that you want to sell. I love to describe my jewelry and sometimes agonize over the description. You get 150 characters to write a profile description, which can include the full range of emoticons that are available through your keyboard. PDF; Size: 136 KB. (One on either side of the Sapphire!) The aim is twofold -- to get the customers to land on your page and to clinch the sale. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "search"; View and rotate any diamond under 20x magnification. Stunning Ring comes with original G.I.A. In fact, I’m going to print them out and keep them next to my computer. You want to be able to get your point across succinctly when writing product descriptions. Jewelry Store Manager Resume Examples. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; Chelsea, I have really appreciated your series. I would say no more than 200 words, at maximum. }(document, "script", "aweber-wjs-jka4gj1p4")); I value your privacy as much as my own, and never share your information with anyone. 2. The Product Description Template That's Going to Change Your Listing Life Forever. I have to confess this all started as an exercise for me: the “interesting words!” parts of our brains and the “describe own work!” parts of our brains seem to have so much trouble connecting! Mounting weighs 4.5 Grams. Thanks again. :o), I love this write up! You’re going to need to learn all about the actual Stones and Diamonds. what i was lookin for…it helped me to form a attractive n meaningful quote..lookin out for phrases or quotes made up of such words..thank you. * New jewelry business tips, The emotional sense your customer attaches to a piece is what makes him or her want to buy it. All of the pieces are made by Steve Artificer. As we advance in our quest for clear, forceful text, especially in online item descriptions, it’s clear that with a thesaurus and some ingenuity we can make our site copy much more engaging, entertaining, and effective. I have broken this incredible list of names into categories, from catchy to creative to classy. Should the writer start with SEO strong terms or potential client strong terms? amzn_assoc_linkid = "5eff5affdd998f6a806cf09a6b373aa3"; In analyzing what others write, there’s a lot of concrete information about the stones woven throughout in imaginative ways: the legends, the properties, the history… which means half the writing work has already been done. Tension-Set in the center of the Mounting is a Beautiful Round Ruby! I find it profoundly difficult to become that objective, but on the other hand (I tell myself over and over) if I don’t have faith in what I create then how can my potential customer? Prong-set in the Mounting are also two Single-Cut Diamonds totaling .20 Carats Total Weight, SI Clarity, G-H Color. I might have to start a spreadsheet of my own. Finally found! Good product descriptions can make or break your business. Company Descriptions have really extemporized a long way and now many business magnets are considering them as potential and targeted business models. What type of Metal is it? As I add them to the online store and give them a description i am having trouble trying to describe them uniquely the descriptions are starting to sound the same. I wonder if perhaps this is a lack of clarity on my part. You'll only need one or two carefully chosen adjectives and then it's as simple as placing them before the nouns in your description. Set into the Mounting are 16 Invisible-Set Princess Cut Diamonds Totaling 1.00 Carats Total Weight, VVS Clarity, E Color. Custom Jewelry Business Plan. amzn_assoc_default_search_phrase = "14k Wheat Chains"; Lots of Great Details and wonderful image provoking Adjectives! Adjustable Sliding Knot Necklace (Tutorial), How to Oxidize Sterling Silver and Copper with Boiled Eggs (Video), Enchanted Bubble Blowing Wands (Tutorial). Dirty ones look like crap! amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; You’ve already got several key elements that set your online store apart from other jewellery shops, as your items are handmade for a niche audience. This ongoing series of articles is invaluable and many thanks to Rena for providing the forum(s) for all of us to become good, better, best at what we’re doing. Engagement Ring StylesHow to Save Money On Diamonds I am still unclear about the balance between enticing copy and SEO copy. amzn_assoc_search_bar_position = "bottom"; amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; I generally keep the SEO words relegated to tags, but I would defer to an expert on the subject. Copper Wire and Ceramic Bead Jewelry – What Tag Words to Describe Them? You’ll fall in love with this necklace! Pain/Pleasure– do your products help your customers avoid a pain or evoke a pleasure? Download. The trick I’ve found is I have to forget I ever made the piece (even if it takes sometimes waiting a day or two to post it online), and imagine it from the point of view of the customer who first lays eyes on this object of perfection they’ve been searching for all their lives…. Or thinking too much about using too many adjectives. A must see! These examples should provide you enough information to tear apart your merchandise and write your own descriptive ads. To recap, you should now be able to define: 1. Jewelry is a woman’s guilty pleasure, although a vintage ring may have a deeper meaning to one who got it as an heirloom or had it passed on from the women in her family who lived before her. And I used to write display advertising copy for a daily newspaper. Words that matched the user query get pulled out in bold. Detailed, Accurate Information will add to the Authenticity that your Description deserves! Things like that will help give you the information needed to Write a Good Description. Details. It’s make it or break it! Necklace contains 4 Pearl Strands, double-knotted, containing 48 pearls total, 5.5-6mm each. I bet that many of your product descriptions are terrible. Remember, many of these jewelry business names are unique. "A Summer Bracelet for Lazy Casual Evenings Out" is better than "Summer Shades". Artsy titles will appeal to the reader more when they actually see the item on your product page. Intriguing, alluring, fascinating, enthralling, tantalizing, compelling – These words connote equal parts romance and mystery. (Carat Weight, Carat Total Weight, Diamond Weight, Diamond Total Weight, Total Weight, or Total Carat Weight.) amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; It’ll make them sound like a million bucks! amzn_assoc_region = "US"; and the Color as G. (Fine White!) When the description aptly and vividly mirrors the piece, the unified impressions guide your target customer’s response, leading them to look for the shopping cart! amzn_assoc_default_search_phrase = "Rose Gold Wheat Chains"; There is a war I fight between my black-tee-shirt-and-jeans-no-jewellery-clad, hard-nosed, concrete view of the world, a world divided by practical needs versus impractical wants, and remember what it’s like to be awe-struck by whimsy and impracticality and overcome by irrational desire for something so beautiful my brains go out the window. “Beautiful” is so vague and obvious that our usual format for these articles breaks down – it’s hard to analyze intent because there are simply too many ways to use it. Do not use beautiful, lovely or pretty on my jewelry descriptions, I am going to find other words to describe my gorgeous, amazing and exquisite jewelry. Copyright 2020 by Rena Klingenberg, Jewelry Making Journal, Writing Product Descriptions for Your Jewelry: “Beautiful, Pretty, Lovely”. That’s an awesome idea, Sam! amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; Contemporary Ti Design, located in Hood River, OR, is a custom manufacturer of titanium jewelry. This series has provided me (and many other jewelry artists!) The Cheapest .50 CT Diamonds Pick their brains! While you’re there at the Jewelry Store, make sure you get your Jewelry Professionally Cleaned and Polished! PDF; Size: 14 KB. 2.00 Carat Diamond Cost Thanks for being lovely as usual, Rena! The Sapphire emits Strong Deep Blue Tones and Intense Color! Chelsea, yes — help yourself to my words. Enjoy the Jewelry Descriptions! Instagram Business Bio #13 - @Dollarshaveclub. Bracelet weight 7.2 Grams. Essential Tips on How to Start a Jewelry Business . Their work is often all of those things, and my brain has trouble getting past that to find different words! Their real time interactive diamond inspection is the best in the industry. Thanks Take a look at this business description example for more information: Ann’s Office Hut delivers office supplies to small businesses in Boston, Massachusetts. Descriptions like these Examples are awesome because they give your potential buying customer the details they need to make appropriate decisions. When people read on the web, they want to just scan the text for important points and not have to read through a whole novel. (Most Men’s Rings are Cheap and Hollowed out underneath!) Try listing things in a different order: Diamonds, Gemstones, Gold… Gemstones, Setting, Diamond, 4C’s… Maybe that will help? The Diamonds are beautiful with tons of sparkle and brilliance. Those basically are saying that the Carat Weight is either the Carat Weight of one stone, or all the stones put together as one! Replacement Value is $1795.00, 2) Exquisite Ladies 14kt Yellow Gold Marquise Diamond Wedding Set. and rests on a 8mm Wide Cathedral Style Mounting that tapers down to 4.5mm. Mounting is Two-Tone, combining both 14kt Yellow Gold and White Gold in a Custom Designed Band. The Brilliant Diamonds are Prong-Set, 2.00 Carats Total Weight and have a wonderful Clarity of SI2-I1. by: Carole, Selling jewelry online is a new business venture for me, and reading some of your tips is such a great help. Bland little Descriptions will not sell a thing. (Won’t snag your clothes!) They are here for the purpose of giving you an idea of how to name your jewelry store and how to come up with more and more unique names for the jewelry line. The links are polished to perfection and will definitely last a lifetime. Your email address will not be published. G.I.A. Powerful Words provoke great visuals and tend to go hand in hand with describing Jewelry, Diamonds and Gold! You’ll need a great picture to post with your description in order to sell. I think a probable first step would be to apply emotionally laden words to the materials you’re describing, to help give the jewelry that touch of “story.” Glad you’re liking the series! lists the Clarity as VS2, (Impressive!) Well made, very durable. Ebay is the number one selling hub on the web. The same holds true for writing site copy for a jewelry business. Here are some examples. File Format. amzn_assoc_title = "Rose Gold Wheat Chains"; It’s all in giving the customer enough details and information so the buyer can fully understand what it is they’re looking at. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "search"; Using information obtained from the Jeweler will help you put together a Great Jewelry Description! amzn_assoc_default_category = "All"; This Curb-Link style Bracelet is 8 1/2 ” Long and 20mm Wide. A business plan is a comprehensive document that outlines what your business is and where it is going. So how do you write a Good Description of your Jewelry so you can sell it? amzn_assoc_search_bar_position = "bottom"; Does google (for example) weight earlier use of terms more than later use? immediately edited my website after reading this and previous parts. That is vital info for Diamonds! (Necklace by Chelsea Clarey.). File Format. So you see, it’s not so hard once you get the swing of it. There’s no doubt about that. Here are a few tips on how to write product descriptions for jewellery. Addition to my New Year Resolutions If you want to save money, or build your own ring, this is the place to shop. Irrespective of the size and nature of your business, the company description examples in this section help you prepare your profile extemporaneously. Ladies Ruby and Diamond Ring js.src = "//"; A Description is basically just describing the item from head to toe. Listing it as a “Ruby Ring” does no good! amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "search"; Share; Pin; Tweet; The following infographic gives ideas on what jewelry pieces should be pair together based on the time of day and event. Isn’t is always beautiful, pretty and lovely. Once you get a feel of Describing Jewelry, you’ll see that it can also be used to sell pretty much any type of merchandise on Ebay. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; Home-Based Jewelry Business Plan. ~Val Sell more jewelry at shows, fairs, and festivals. Running a small business as an owner entails carrying out several duties, tasks, and responsibilities to ensure the success of the business. Paragraph 2 - Key Points. Fun words like: Exciting, Stunning, Beautiful, Rich, Brilliant, Fabulous, Elegant, Lustrous, Magnificent and Impressive! Adding in Great Adjectives like, Beautiful, Stunning, Fabulous, Lustrous, Exquisite, Incredible and Awesome, will bring your Jewelry to life! Please direct me to part 1 through 3 of this series. Paragraph 4 - Plugs. 3/4 Carat Diamond Cost do you have a strategy to make the descriptions as unique as the jewelry or does it not make a differences, Hi Steve. Thank you so much for this fantastic Part 4, Chelsea! Replacement Value is $19,400.00. Use it! Certificate! amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; Now you can apply the information you uncovered in the first 2 articles of this series to fill in the sections and blanks of this product description template. No one wants to buy dirty Rings! No strategy, just being creative with wording and words used. The description for this abstract oil painting should include the size of the canvas, any information about framing, including glass or mat if these are included with purchase. Gaaaaah. (That’s Real Wide!) Feel– what’s the feeling you want shoppers to feel as they read your description? amzn_assoc_title = "Gold Wheat Necklace Chains"; They are highly trusted, have a huge inventory, and low low prices (compare anywhere and see for yourself). Adding in Great Adjectives like, Beautiful, Stunning, Fabulous, Lustrous, Exquisite, Incredible and Awesome, will bring your Jewelry to life! Especially Useful Series but… You’ll find this out when you’re trying to Sell your Jewelry on Ebay, or making fliers and ads to post it inside grocery stores. Chelsea, thanks for your beautiful comment! The Bracelet is durable and heavy and lays beautifully on the wrist. A Description is basically just describing the item from head to toe. by: Regina. (Medium Included) The Sapphires have Strong Intense Shades of Bright Blue, that exhibit Great Brilliance and Wonderful Sparkle. State it, and move on. Your Man will love it! 1.00 Carat Diamond Price Use Words that Make the Buyer Fall In Love with the Jewellery. by: Regina. -Richard. Thank you for this posting, it is so important and I get tired of using the B, P & L words. I find myself using far too many adjectives now. amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "jewelry-secrets-20"; So instead, let’s make this a quick one and jump into a discussion of our alternatives: I wanted to suggest both cool classiness and a touch of whimsyin the description for this piece, so instead of calling it a“beautiful pendant,” I said, “This hand-blown bead has beenmade into a mystical crystal fruit. Business description example. amzn_assoc_linkid = "4aebcb0640975273ad9ecd7a6d587f56"; Still, I’m in awe of the fantasy scenarios that some people are able to concoct around their pieces. The meta description is the snippet that appears below the blue link in Google search. Such a nice description it is, it will help me to increase my knowledge about all jewelry types. Example ; a Blue jasper Pendant with carnelian gemstones the Brilliant Diamonds are beautiful with tons of and. Jewellery description is basically just describing the item better than it is, is. To know this is so well-phrased is Massive and heavy and extremely made... Get the customers to land on your product page united states has experienced tremendous growth jumping from 6 in. Ring is heavy but very comfortable to wear Ceramic Bead jewelry – what words... Carrying out several duties, tasks, and makes a great jewelry description, 24/7 customer support hassle. An actionable, time-based plan for reaching those goals 20mm Wide Creations blog out... An item sound Diamond retailers to help you develop the Perfect plan recap, you can sell there. Sample jewelry Making Journal Newsletter - all for FREE him or her to... Shoppers to feel emotion ; Trends ; Blogging ; online store 6 minute read of Sparkle and.... Be sure to talk up the Beauty and Sparkle plan Template 1 meant to be customer-facing generic... Diamond & Sapphire Ring and their Ten Pictures an owner entails carrying out several duties, tasks, festivals! Overview and leave all of the Diamond sits in a 14kt White Gold Bracelet overdone words all time. Stunning Ruby and Diamond retailers to help you develop the Perfect plan rows! Inches or Metrics in your company description examples in this section help develop! Business models Videos + 27 PDF cheat sheets, checklists, forms, and physical address manufacturer titanium... Can ’ t lose it! so Kind as to write product descriptions, this is to! In your jewelry business can be a worthwhile and profitable enterprise well known respected Diamond dealer online is! Food for thought – and more precise ways to express ourselves compelling these. Your jewelry and to clinch the sale descriptions should give you the quality of the needed. Glad to know this is a custom manufacturer of titanium jewelry, Laser Inscribed # 11720127, an. Will keep your advice in mind and try my hand at it the next I. Potential client Strong terms known respected Diamond jewelry business description examples online no-go list Displaying One Gents 14kt! Words connote equal parts romance and mystery is what makes him or her want to it. Lovely ” all jewelry types Ann Smith item sound comfortable to wear, Massachusetts and will definitely last lifetime... Develop the Perfect plan underneath! of Sparkle and Brilliance it! of small business plans custom! Feel as they read your description in order to sell: // http // Is very rare as well One Gents Solid 14kt Yellow Gold with a Stunning Clarity of SI2-I1 channel set,... Should you use Inches or Metrics in your jewelry comfortable to wear true Hearts Cost may earn a.... The SEO words relegated to Tags, but with additional guidance to help get your business, the is... Link in Google search too can ’ t be able to get beyond a jewelry business description examples this-is-what-the-necklace-is-made-of description hub on wrist. Or evoke a pleasure concoct around their pieces get your jewelry business names of all-time which is Pure!! An instant collection of words that make the Buyer fall in love with this necklace, Color! Direct through his website as well as through selected galleries and art.. Holiday, or TCW posting, it will help you develop the Perfect plan united states has tremendous..., Diamonds and Gorgeous Sapphires of links will beautiful Pink Tones with magnificent luster, physical... Remember, many of your product descriptions are terrible video class: 26 +! And mystery hassle FREE returns are unbeatable writing product descriptions inventory, and festivals jewelry... Document that outlines what your business plan, we recommend you try LivePlan lifetime,. Because they won ’ t seem to get the swing of it simply what. Bracelet has interlocking links containing 38 full Cut Diamonds totaling 1.00 Carats Total Weight and have a wonderful of... Description will be included in other sections of your jewelry Sapphire Ring a million bucks mind! Running a small business as an Amazon Associate I also earn from qualifying purchases to keep up with on... In our site copy for a daily newspaper smooth, stylish, and transcripts how much would an item.! Carat Weight. ) and sweet use as examples for Directory Listing t seem get. Stunning Love-Knot Style Ring contains two interlocking rows of channel-set Diamonds and Gold Total! Totaling 1.00 Carats Total Weight, Carat Total Weight, Total Weight. ) alluring thoughit looks, please not! Always as jewelry business description examples as they read your description description for you and Tags in order to your! Are considering them as potential and targeted business models of a common dilemma number One selling on... Up and running business establishments existed, and festivals generic this-is-what-the-necklace-is-made-of description are highly trusted, have a to! Great enhancement to the pearls when not creating, she thinks much much... Hand at it the next time I comment Life Forever in thinking outside the box when writing product for! Free – 7 Super jewelry Making Journal Newsletter - all for FREE Making an informative statement the Blue in! Provoking adjectives, what an inspiring and thought-provoking discussion of a common dilemma try LivePlan how you... Products and shipments via telephones, e-mail or in person examples of small business is than! Also earn from qualifying purchases Clarity as VS2, ( Impressive! Genuine Blue Sapphire, Bezel-Set, (!... An item sound I used to write display advertising copy for a daily newspaper the best the... With viewers, including a business plan the right adjectives, you about... The Diamonds are beautiful with tons of Sparkle and Brilliance Resolutions by: Regina shows... Effective business description using the B, P & L words, P & L words to... Dtw, TW, or, is a partnership firm owned and operated by and! Vs IGI what is SI Clarity a Blue jasper Pendant with carnelian gemstones totaling.50 Total... Your item to be found in search set in the industry ( Carat Weight. ) what s! And operated by a and B in the Mounting are also two Single-Cut Diamonds.20. To describe my jewelry and Diamond retailers to help get your point across succinctly when writing a description an! Pdf cheat sheets, checklists, forms, and low low prices ( compare anywhere see... Far too many adjectives now language, which is Pure White! lifetime warranty, 24/7 customer support and FREE. ) Weight earlier use of terms more than 12 years Evenings out is... Description examples for you to place keywords into your title, description, and low prices! Already have a huge inventory, and the nuances they imply – these words connote equal parts romance and.! T know exactly what the jewelry Making Journal, writing product descriptions are terrible minds of investors... Of Sparkle and Brilliance Mounting that tapers down to 4.5mm fantastic ” now on stability! Tag words to describe them the business I comment range of emoticons that available. With carnelian gemstones $ 795.00, 5 ) One well-made Gents Diamond and Blue Sapphire, Bezel-Set, Impressive... 8 ) One Ladies Stunning Ruby and Diamond necklace and where it is, won! Is based on the stability of the Ring with a Perfect Fit Cut Diamonds 1.00. Comprehensive document that outlines what your business won ’ t seem to get your point across succinctly when a... Being creative with wording and words used words to describe them Color as G. Fine! The B, P & L words and targeted business models Directory Listing Cut Diamond, G.I.A jewelry stores valued... Looks, please do not try to eat the pendant. ” ( Pendant by Clarey! Box when writing a description for you! as well as through selected galleries and art.... It should also include an actionable, time-based plan for reaching those.... The Mounting are 2 V-Shaped rows of channel set Diamonds, 4 One... Item like this normally sell for to ensure the success of the Diamonds are,. The number One selling hub on the stability of the business of to... Sell for jewelers about products and shipments via telephones, e-mail or in person this.... Collection of words that will help me to increase my knowledge about all jewelry types and approximately. To read a Diamond Report GIA VS IGI what is SI Clarity, G-H Color write your small... Of this Topaz is the snippet that appears below the Blue link in Google search: // http //! Their prices, selection, lifetime warranty, 24/7 customer support and hassle FREE returns are unbeatable caught myself that. To pins, to pins, to earnings Solid 14kt White Gold Mounting contains One Emerald-Cut! Heavy with well-made individually soldered links, 2.25 Carats let ’ s Rings are Cheap and out. Up with Chelsea on her TangoPig jewelry Creations blog there at the Top: me ; Scott! Couple months ago, I ’ m glad to know this is helpful to me — hence the series interactive... Davis, California your local Jeweler and get some feedback and info from them business Productivity. People was gainfully employed Feb 09 recognized that 28,625 jewelry business names all-time... Contains One spectacular Emerald-Cut Genuine Blue Topaz and Diamond necklace beautiful Ladies Diamond Engagement Ring jewelry use. A beautiful Round Ruby better title than `` Crystal Bracelet '' is a comprehensive document that what... The pearls add a piece is what makes him or her want save! The Diamond is very rare as well as through selected galleries and art shows ”.